My Magical Mystery Tour and Hooray for Indie Bookstores

I’m going on a virtual book tour in November via Partners in Crime.  They tell me I won’t have to leave the house, just let my fingers do the talking as I answer questions and make pronouncements online about the mystery.  Some nice people who blog about mysteries will post what I say, read the book (glad it’s not too many pages), and let their readers know what they think.  This is my kind of tour; no travel, no unattended book signings.

I love real bookstores, and there are some nice ones here in Santa Barbara.  Two of them have agreed to stock my book.  I have a few more to approach but one a month is the limit of my courage.

Friend Chuck from Denver found a list of all the mystery bookstores in the States (and the world!), including the Northwest’s Seattle Mystery Bookshop and Olympia’s Whodunit? Books.  Seattle’s Episcopal Bookstore isn’t on that list, but they have a plump mystery section.  As my character Lucy thinks, why is it that Episcopalians and other Catholics write most of the churcy mysteries?

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One comment on “My Magical Mystery Tour and Hooray for Indie Bookstores

  1. Kathie:

    I just saw your comment on the blog tour post I did (Blogger decided you were spam for some reason). I’m so glad you were pleased. Thanks for such a great book.

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