Working on Third Grace Church Mystery

I’ve tentatively titled it Death on Sacred Ground, although in this case the site is a few blocks away from the church ground. The newly married Fr. Robert returns from his honeymoon to a congregation beleaguered by ongoing urban tensions: relentless development, gentrification, a “green streets” movement and distress over urban campers and other homeless women, men and children. 

Father Robert is near retirement age and is now married to a wealthy woman. So in the face of these challenges, he is suffering from “should I stay or should I go” agonies. I’m including snippets from our own life in the Santa Barbara area, the site of their honeymoon.  I’m also including another of the bees in my bonnet, the difficulties that people with disabilities have achieving meaningful and decently paid jobs in the church.

I’ve heard that it’s not a good idea to share about plot, but since this will be my last in the series I’d love your suggestions and also questions about the characters: such as,  will Daniel the organist re-connect with Dr. Lucy’s niece? will the church bookeeper Arlis come out of her shell?  will formerly homeless Lester stay on the straight and narrow? 

You can post to this blog or my Facebook author page:  Kathie Deviny The Grace Church Mysteries.

I’m also participating in an upcoming author event in Santa Barbara.  Check out the Events section on this blog.

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